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What is BRIDGERAMA+ in digital version ?

The digital version of BRIDGERAMA+ is a modern option that lets you read your favorite magazines on your computer, tablet or smartphone. It’s a convenient way to access your favorite content wherever you are.

How can I connect to the digital version of BRIDGERAMA+?

To access the digital version, you must have a Le Bridgeur account. Use your account details to log in and enjoy your reading experience. If you don’t have a Le Bridgeur account, you can subscribe directly from this site.

How do I access articles reserved for subscribers?

To access articles from BRIDGERAMA+ magazine, you must have a current subscription.

However, there are several ways to subscribe:

If you already have a Le Bridgeur account and have subscribed to the BRIDGERAMA+ digital version, simply log in with your login details.

How can I access BRIDGERAMA+ articles if I am a Funbridge premium+ subscriber?

Your Funbridge premium+ subscription allows you to read all BRIDGERAMA+ magazines. To access it, open the Funbridge application and click on the Bridgerama link. You’ll then be automatically authenticated and can discover all our publications.

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