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OPEN YOUR EYES, DON’T FALL ASLEEP!, Step by Step in Defense, by Norbert Lébely
SPOTTING THE SPOTS, The Robson Touch, by Andrew Robson
OPEN YOUR EYES, DON’T FALL ASLEEP!, Sharpen Your System, by Marc Smith

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Bridge with Larry Cohen

by Larry Cohen

step by step In defense

by Norbert Lébely

the right patch

by Jérémie Tignel

step by step declarer play

by Norbert Lébely

defense agency

by Vincent Gallais

the example of the champions

by Nicolas Lhuissier


Your Bridge experts

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Norbert Lébely

Bridge teacher passionate about education, Norbert Lébely contributed to several bestsellers, including the book collec...

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Michel Bessis

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Jérémie Tignel

Jérémie Tignel is a multiple French bridge champion. As an experienced player, he brilliantly succeeded in joining the...

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Marc Kerlero

An FFB-certified teacher, Marc Kerlero has been teaching bridge since 1980. The former Junior European champion and many...

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Le Bridgeur

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Pete Hollands

Pete Hollands started playing when he was 14 and is now a professional bridge player & teacher ( w...

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Olivier Giard

The multiple French Champion has been playing bridge for over 35 years and is a graduate teacher of the “Université d...

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Pierre Saporta